Kite surfing across the North Sea, a 1000km sup tour across the Rhine, a 550 km sup tour through The Netherlands visiting schools and meeting representatives of the packaging business ...

Check out our campaigns, expeditions and successes achieved, such as deposits on plastic bottles and cans, waste separation in schools, paper instead of plastic wrappers, plastic polluting products removed from the stores and new campaigns.

Current Campaigns

Oslo-London Surf Expedition

London-Paris is the continuation of last summer's expedition. Back then, I windsurfed from Oslo to London (1800km), returning English stray bottles that had washed up on the Swedish coast. In Westminster, I advocated for the rapid introduction of deposit systems.

By surfing from London to Paris (900km) I once again wish to raise awareness on the plastic pollution problem and its sollutions. (London-Paris will be our 10th surfing campaign!)

Oslo-London Expedition

Operation Overload

On-the-go food & drink packaging is often oversized, causing our trash bins to constantly overflow. Operation Overload captured this with 1999 photos of bulging trash cans. We must move toward less and smaller, collapsible containers!

Operation Overload

Campaigns 2014-2023

Presentations, Schools