From Source to Sea

In 2017, I made a 1000 km expedition along the river Rhine on SUP board made of plastic litter to highlight the role of our rivers as a major source of plastic pollution.

Watch Eelke Dekker's documentary From Source to Sea.
Parts 1, 2 and 3 - the full movie - here below

Paddling 1000 km down the Rhine

By paddling down the iconic river Rhine I drew attention to the rivers as being major sources of plastic pollution. They are accountable for 80% of the plastic waste spilling into our oceans and seas. It is estimated that over 1000 rivers are accountable for 0.8 – 2.7 million metric tons per year. 

Eelke Dekker has made the movie From Source to Sea, broadcasted by National Geographic (49x). Watch part 1, 2 and 3 from this movie.

Spreading the message along the banks

It is our own backyard where the Plastic Soup originates. Rivers transport waste, litter and tons of microplastics to our seas and oceans. During the expedition I visited stakeholders and specialists. I was able to spread the message via regional and national Radio and TV stations along the banks of the river.

The plastic waste board was made by the Science Center from the Delft University of Technology and is exhibited there.

Documentary synopsis

Film Director Eelke Dekker followed The Plastic Soup Surfer on this expedition. He paddles on a standup paddle board down the Rhine, from it's pristine source in the mountains of Switzerland all the way down to the North Sea. A physical challenge that requires strength, willpower and perseverance.

Crucial to his mission is his surfboard made from plastic litter, a prototype design that is necessary to tell the plastic pollution story. But is proofs very hard to build. As the expedition unfolds the campaign is under pressure by the things he learns along the way.

The Plastic Soup Surfer meets specialists, helps in organised river cleanups on the embankments and visits waste water treatment plants and recycling installations.

The premiere was held in Pathe Buitenhof The Hague January 2018. Thereafter it was screened over 50 times in different venues. From the National Parliament Building to the UN Headquarters and National Geographic Channel to Heineken headquarters.

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