Meeting CEO's with the bailiff

We visited 10 CEO's of supermarket and softdrink companies with our bailiffs ( NL: deurwaarders). We got our 'judicial notice'. A judicial benchmark: they can never deny they did not know.

The judicial notice

There is a direct relation between the plastic products of these companies and the effects it has on the environment, sea life and eventually us human beings. Once a CEO is made aware of this through the 'judicial notice' (NL: desbewustheidsexploot), it implies he has to take corporate responsibility and minimize the effects for example through product design, logistics and communication.

We make CEOs and top managers ‘Formally Aware’ of the plastic pollution problem by sending them a ‘judicial awareness notice’. A notice borrowed from Patent Law but in our case uniquely applied for the plastic pollution problem; a world first. The Formal Notice makes it possible to address a particular CEO and company and a bailiff has to deliver it in person.

Deployed carefully we managed to start a dialog on plastic pollution with several of these decision makers.

We got to talk to CEOs and top managers of 10 supermarkets and soda companies: Coca Cola, Pepsi, Spa, Heineken, Albert Heijn, Aldi, Lidl, Jumbo, Superunie, Vrumona.

From now on companies we've visited can never say they did not know...