Beverage Carton Waste Campaign

Did you know that beverage cartons contain a plastic coated layer on the inside? 

Today, there is no deposit system for beverage cartons, making them a huge source of plastic pollution! 

We want to change this. Help us by taking pictures of littered beverage cartons, so we can fight to add them into the deposit system.

Your pic makes the difference

The Plastic Avengers App is free to download.

We designed this app to make it easy for you to help us fight plastic pollution at the source. By gathering photos from the public, we can change policy and confront companies.

The pics you make will have direct impact! See our previous succes with 'Antaflu', 'Crackling balls' and 'Splash-plastic'!

Join the movement! Go to the App Store or Play Store now and download the 'Plastic Avengers' app for free!

The Drink Carton Campaign

We've seen an increase in the use of on-the-go drink cartons following the introduction of deposits on plastic bottles. These drink cartons are simply a way for producers to get around deposits and capitalize on the misconception that they're better for the environment. This is a lie! Drink cartons are neither biodegradable nor better recyclable.

We are fighting to change deposit legislation to include drink cartons. Help us by taking photographs of littered drink cartons using the Plastic Avengers app.