Merijn Tinga, better known as The Plastic Soup Surfer, is on a mission. He wants to stop the increasing plastic pollution. The surfboards are his weapons: they tell a story everyone can relate to and are the means to get the message accross.
What started out as attention seeking statements has now grown into a creative and flexible organisation. Their goal is change at the source of the problem by focusing on measures from policy makers and companies.


Merijn Tinga, Plastic Soup Surfer

I am Merijn Tinga, biology graduate, driven artist and passionate surfer. From the combination of surfing, creativity and knowledge, the Plastic Soup Surfer was born.

I love adventure and love to connect people. What drives me is the belief that together we can make a difference.
You can read all about it in my new book Plastic Soup Surfer.


Questions, press, media

For press and media contacts, interviews and general questions, you can contact:

Martine Eyzenga, Communications
+31 6 54 28 54 92

Presentations, advice

As the Plastic Soup Surfer, I give inspiring presentations about my expeditions and campaigns to reduce plastic pollution. What can you or your company do in the fight against the plastic soup?
I also advise companies and organizations.



Over the years, the Plastic Soup Surfer Team has expanded with people who use their professional skills to help fighting against plastic pollution.
Often their contribution is pro bono but on major projects, campaigns and expeditions, fees are paid by our Plastic Free Sea Foundation.

See team members below on the page.

Plastic Free Sea Foundation

The Plastic Free Sea Foundation is the legal entity behind our work, established to monitor and manage donations and collaborations. The goal of the Foundation is to raise awareness about the effects and dangers of plastic pollution in the (aquatic) environment.

The foundation has an ANBI status and has (of course) no profit motive. 

Plastic Free Sea Foundation


Foundation board