Merijn Tinga, better known as The Plastic Soup Surfer, is on a mission. He wants to stop the increasing plastic pollution. The surfboards are his weapons: they tell a story everyone can relate to and are the means to get the message accross.
What started out as attention seeking statements has now grown into a creative and flexible organisation. Their goal is change at the source of the problem by focussing on measures from policy makers and companies.



  • Martine Eyzenga

    Graphic designer, communication expert, diver
  • Eelke Dekker

    Action sports director, photographer, surfer
  • Kim van den Anker

    Project manager, public relations manager
  • Natascha van Neerven

    Digital back-end and organisation

  • CJ de Best

    Online Marketing, supper

  • Ben Vroom

    Website content


The Plastic Free Sea Foundation is the non profit organization behind the Plastic Soup Surfer . Our goal is to increase the awareness on the effects and dangers of plastic litter in our marine environments. Campaigns are focused on preventing more plastic ending up in our seas by targeting legislators and companies.

Our foundation is a public benefit organisation (ANBI status).

Foundation board

Who are the plastic warriors on our streets?

Natascha van Neerven is making an inventarisation of all the people working to combat plastic! See her map here and apply if you want to be on it too!

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Plastic Warriors in the Netherlands