Merijn Tinga, the Plastic Soup Surfer, is always open for press contacts and interviews. 

He gives inspiring and motivating presentations about his expeditions, campaigns and about what you or your organization can do about the plastic soup.

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Questions, press

For press and media contacts, interviews and general questions, you can contact:

Martine Eyzenga, Communications
+31 6 54 28 54 92

Lectures, advice

TED Talk 'Taking action for climate change, by surfing'. Utrecht 2020.

Many companies and organizations are asking what they can do in terms of sustainability and reducing plastic pollution.

Merijn Tinga, the Plastic Soup Surfer, gives inspiring and motivating lectures about his expeditions and campaigns to reduce plastic pollution. What can you do to reduce your plastic footprint and contribute to the fight against plastic pollution?

Merijn Tinga presents the Plastic Avengers Manifest to EU Vice President Frans Timmermans (PES Madrid 2019)

This can be combined with Q&A: answering questions from the organisation or individual employees. 

Sharing knowledge, advice
Merijn Tinga is also regularly asked to share knowledge with, for example, peers, NGO's or political parties.

In addition, he gives advice on a consulting basis.


Inviting Merijn Tinga

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