Read Merijn Tinga's book Plastic Soup Surfer. How One Person Can Make a Difference, about his exciting expeditions, good times and hard times, and successes in the battle against plastic litter, such as the introduction of a deposit on small plastic bottles and cans.

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The story of the Plastic Soup Surfer

The story of the Plastic Soup Surfer is a story about adventures, set backs and success (in Dutch only). Get inspired and discover how you can make a difference in the battle against plastic pollution.

Merijn is happy to tell the book contains a preface by Dutch travel expert Floortje Dessing. 

Order the book (Dutch)!

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Chronological overview of Merijn Tinga's campaigns, expeditions and actions as Plastic Soup Surfer.

From the period as an artist and the birth of the Plastic Soup Surfer up to the introduction of deposits on plastic bottles and the publication of his book.

Biography Merijn Tinga - Plastic Soup Surfer


For press and media contacts, interviews and general questions, you can contact:

Martine Eyzenga, Communications
+31 6 54 28 54 92

Presentations, advice

As the Plastic Soup Surfer, I give inspiring presentations about my expeditions and campaigns to reduce plastic pollution. What can you or your company do in the fight against the plastic soup?
I also advise companies and organizations.