Plastic Paradox

Plastic demands the utmost responsibility from consumers and producers, yet most of it is designed to facilitate TO-GO consumption and is thrown-away after one single use. This is the paradox of plastic: the material is unfit for what it's predominantly used for. 

A movie by Eelke Dekker (63 min.) about ideals, determination and the search of one man who wants to make a difference. 

Plastic Paradox is a story about the extraordinary campaign against plastic pollution by the Plastic Soup Surfer (63 min., English spoken, Dutch subtitles).

It shows the activist Merijn Tinga who, motivated by his previous success, decides to 3D print a new surfboard from plastic litter and windsurf this for 600 kilometers. The expedition is full of setbacks and it confronts him with his ambitions and his ultimate goal.

It is a personal movie about passion, grit and the search of one man who wants make a difference.

The movie has been broadcast on National Geographic. 


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