Plastic Soup Surfer - Dutch shores

Record attempt on first ever surfboard made from plastic soup

In 2014 visual artist and surfer Merijn Tinga is confronted by the plastic he sees washing up on his local surf beach.  Combining adventure, art and the wish to make a statement he builds the first ever surfboard made from washed up plastic waste from the beach. He gets filmmaker Bie Muusze interested to follow him in the building process and the gruesome record attempt that follows. A +450 kilometer downwinder from Belgium to Germany along the Dutch coast to attract attention for plastic pollution. 

See the short edit (38min) here: 

A statement

In 2014 the first surfboard from plastic waste is made in the art studio of Tinga. It is made from plastic litter he found on his local surfbeach (Katwijk). A welded metal mold, a gas torch and an ironing rod is used to melt the plastic into a surfboard shape. This heavy +20kg surfboard is an artwork and is a statement about the state of our seas.

After waiting a few months for the right wind conditions he embarks in August of that year on a three day expedition up the 350 kilometer Dutch coast. Never done before.

This trip marks the birth of the activist in the visual artist. The expedition goal is to raise general awareness and is a statement on state of our seas. “The surfboard was an artwork and I set on the journey as an artist. Three days later I got of the board again as an activist, as the Plastic Soup Surfer.”

Bie Muusze - befriended filmmaker from his biology study - makes a 50min documentary on the expedition.

It started out motivated by adventure, not expecting much attention for the issue, now it is the other way round.

Plastic Soup Surfer - Dutch Shores

4min17 short on the expedition. Scenes taken from the full movie 'Plastic Soup Surfer' (50min 2018) by Bie Muusze