Mission Reuse Expedition

Surfing to the new standard: eliminate disposable cups and adopt reusable cups

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Mission Accomplished

Filmmakers Jasper Strik and Eelke Dekker, conductor of the movies Mission on a bottle and From Source to Sea, made a movie about the Mission Reuse Expedition

We made huge strides and secured commitment from Municipalities along our route to transition to reusable cups. However, the finish line was only the beginning.

In parntership with Mission Reuse, we will continue to fight for the adoption of reusable cups in order to protect our environment.

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Do you or your Municipality want to transition to reusable cups? You can start your journey by contacting Mission Reuse for guidance on how to realize your mission.

A distance of 5 million disposable cups

In the Netherlands alone, 5 million disposable cups are used every morning. These 5 million cups are only used once before ending up in the incinerator, or worse, in our environment.

Put those 5 million disposable cups in a row and you have a line 385 km long.

In July, I covered that exact distance, surfing from Brussels to Amsterdam, on a surfboard made of used disposable cups. While navigating inland waters I used a Fliteboard e-foil, and on open water, I utilized a wing made of old kitesurf kites.

The goal of my "Mission Reuse Expedition" was to fight for the adoption of reusable cups and the elimination of disposable cups.
Disposable cups represent the disposable society we live in, showcasing the rampant waste and pollution it leads to. We have to and can get rid of it. To start with let's target the elimination of disposable cups at events, festivals, and within large organizations.

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4 Billion disposable cups every year

Disposable cups: cups made of plastic, or partially made of plastic, for single use are a symbol of our throw away society. You see them lying around everywhere, polluting the environment.

Disposable cups lead to "permanent pollution" because plastic does not decay. DId you know that even 'paper' disposable cups contain a plastic interior which does not breakdown naturally?

Reuse instead of dispose

Wing made of old kitesurf kites

Disposable Items: we need to get rid of them soon as possible. The use of disposable items has gone way too far, producing an excessivce amount of waste and pollution.

Surfing from Brussels to Amsterdam, I plead for the sustainable use of raw materials and wide spread adoption of recycling.

Consumers, Cities and Businesses

What do we want to achieve with the campaign?

  • Consumers: bring your own cup when you order coffee somewhere. Do not participate in the throw-away culture!
  • Cities: act like Ghent and Leiden, make the use of refundable cups compulsory at events and festivals.
  • Businesses: introduce a deposit system for coffee cups.


I am not accusing the material, but the way we put it to use. Plastic is a catalyst to our throw-away society.

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