The plastic soup problem can only be solved at the source. Since 2014, I have campaigned with others for a strong reduction of plastic litter, which has delivered several breakthroughs.

We wanted deposits on small plastic bottles and cans - we succeeded. We want products that lead to a lot of plastic pollution to no longer be sold. This has been successful for a number of products.

Together with the Plastic Avengers and their ambassador Frans Timmermans, we are trying to achieve stricter EU measures to combat plastic litter.


2016-2023 | Across all of our campaigns, the achievement of deposits on small plastic bottles and cans has delivered the greatest impact.

Read about the years of campaigning, two expeditions, a self-written motion, 55,000 signatures, the deployment of bailiffs and the actions with supporters that it took to make this happen.


Paper wrappers

2018-2020 | AntaFlu throat lozenges now use paper instead of plastic wrappers. With the Plastic Avengers app we collected photos of plastic AntaFlu wrappers and went with the bailiff to the CEO of Pervasco. He turned out to be very cooperative!

Bright Binners Petition 2020

Waste separation at schools

2020-2021 | In 2020 and 2021, I paddled through the Netherlands to advocate for the separation of (plastic) waste in schools. In early 2021, we secured a motion by CDA/D66 to implement this change before 2025, backed by a promise from the State Secretary that he will work to ensure speed. We will keep pushing until our goal is realised!

Bright binners

Splash plastic & plastic confetti

2020 | 4,500 stores have removed water balloons and plastic confetti from their shelves after we confronted them with over 10,000 photos of water balloon litter. Almost the entire Dutch retail sector has signed our Splash Plastic resolution, which is now part of an EU amendment.

Naar Spatplastic

End of sale fireworks containing plastic

2019-2020 | Crackling Balls (Knetterballen) are children's fireworks, intended to be thrown on the ground. However, the plastic casing usually remains in the environment long after the party is over. With 60,000 photos and an impending lawsuit, the sale of crackling balls and other fireworks made with plastic has been almost completely stopped.

Operation Crackling Ball

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The Plastic Soup Surfer believes storytelling is a powerful way to get the message across. The attention is focussed on those that make the decisions like politicians and company CEO's. We are dedicated to change, sustainablity and making impact.


I am not accusing the material, but the way we put it to use. Plastic is a catalyst to our throw-away society.

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