The Plastic Soup Surfer

The plastic soup surfer’s goal is a plastic free sea. His surfboard is his weapon. His striking campaigns and expeditions are focused on raising awareness about the effects and danger of plastic pollution in our environment. He believes consumers, producers and legislators should do the utmost to prevent plastic pollution from reaching our seas.

This is how far we come already!

Deposit Return in 2021!

Government used the so called ‘Plastic Soup Surfer Resolution’ (passed Februari 2017) to formulate a new strategy to reduce plastic litter. It looks to implement deposit return on small plastic bottles beginning in 2021. A step in the right direction. As it is politics there are still many uncertainties and industry is not willing.

15 March the Dutch government voted YES to statiegeld on small nottles and cans.

What's Next?

We are not done yet! I am confronting the CEO’s of the packaging industry and cosmetics industry with the effects of ‘their’ plastic pollution. We use a bailiff* to do so. I need your support for the preparation of the ‘formal notice’ and the use of bailiff. For €5 you can make a difference. Together we can make a change.

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Upcoming events

Keynote NVRD dag

May 30th - 2018

Inspirational speech for Nederlandse Vereniging Reinigingsdiensten

Past events

Meppel; Happy HUB

April 18th - 2018

Happy HUB; Presentatie bij Grootste Kleinste Festival van Betekenis. 19 april meppel va 16u

Film in Haarlem

March 30th - 2018

30 maart is de film te zien in de 'Haarlemmer Kweektuin' - meer info op:

LEO4GREEN Rabobank Leiden Keynote

March 24th - 2018

Keynote LEO4Green @Rabobank Leiden Katwijk met oa GL Kamerlid Suzanne Kroger. Zat 24 mrt 13u YOUNG LEOs

Film in Zwolle Club Cele

March 20th - 2018

Club Cele | Café O2 vindt plaats op dinsdag 20 maart om 20.30 uur in het bovenfoye [Blijmarkt 25] aanmelden via


March 10th - 2018

Lezing/presentatie MAINSTAGE Zaterdag 10 Maart 15u

Honours College HS Leiden

March 8th - 2018

College voor Honour studenten Hogeschool Leiden in HUBSPOT

Filmvertoning bij Heineken

March 6th - 2018

Vertoning 'From Source to Sea' en presentatie bij Heineken hoofdkantoor Zoeterwoude

Film vertoning in Tweede Kamer

February 22nd - 2018

22 feb. 14u "From Source to Sea" wordt vertoond voor Kamerleden en geinteresseerden. Aansluitend discussie. AANMELDEN

Munchen. Film presentation ‘water for generations’

February 8th - 2018

Panel member discussion and presentation 'water for generations' by pascal rosler


January 30th - 2018

ENKEL OP UITNODIGING. De 50min film van Eelke Dekker over de Plastic Soup Surfer Expeditie van afgelopen zomer.

Presentation Gemeenten4GlobalGoals

November 30th - 2017

Inspirational speech at KIMO, Gemeenten4GlobalGoals, Rijkswaterstaat/Min Infra & milieu. Conferentie: geen plastic naar zee


November 29th - 2017

Rabobank Circular economy challenge

Pitch at 'Dag van de Wetgeving'

November 14th - 2017

Pitch (Pecha Kucha - twice) at "dag van de wetgeving" - organised by the ministery of safety and justice.

Opening address Academic year Leiden University

September 4th - 2017

Every year the Academic year is traditionally opened in the Pieterskerk Leiden. This year the Plastic Soup Surfer has the honour to deliver the opening address.