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Make a difference and help gather data. Just download our app and join our latest campaigns. The effort you put into our app we translate into action. Our goal is to make our app useless :-) Lets go hunt for data!

Your pic makes the difference

The Plastic Avengers App is free. We designed to be the easiest possible tool to fight plastic pollution upstream. At the source. By gathering data we can change policy and confront companies.

The pics you make will have direct impact! See our previous succes with 'Antaflu', 'Crackling balls' and 'Splash-plastic'!

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The drinkcarton campaign

We see an upcoming trend of on-the-go drinkcartons being sold since the introduction of deposits on small plastic bottles. The drinkcartons are a way for producers to get around deposits. This means more littering. Plus there is a misconception that drinkcartons are better for the environment. They are not biodegradable nor better recyclable.

We want deposit legislation changed to include these drinkcartons. Help us by taking photographs of littered drinkcartons using the Plastic Avengers app.

Read, listen, see more

The Plastic Soup Surfer believes storytelling is a powerful way to get the message across. Read the book, see our documentaries on the expeditions or listen to our podcast. All dedicated to change, sustainablity and how you can make a difference.