After plastic drinking bottles and cans, we are focusing on yet another wide spread litter product: plastic cups / cups containing plastic.

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Single-use plastics and the price of plastic litter

Dirk Groot and the Plastic Soup Surfer launch the new Cup Count Campaign (in Dutch)

The goal this time is not only to reduce litter caused by millions of plastic cups, but also to determine the price of disposing of drinking cups.

What's up? On July 3, the Single-use plastics (SUP) Directive went into effect. Some plastic products have been banned. And as of 5-01-2023, producers must help pay for litter collection, cleanup and awareness. They must actively prevent littering of their products.

The price of cleaning up

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During the Cup Count Campaign we are going to collect data on one plastic litter product: drinking cups. With as many photos as possible we want to map the current amount and distribution of plastic cups. This is necessary to be able to make an estimate of the clean-up costs.

We want to determine the price per cup. How much does it cost to clean up one cup? We will take this to the politicians to ensure that the increase in the price of plastic cups really leads to the disappearance of litter.

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